Product Description

Our clear collars are made out of polythene, making them strong and flexible. Sold individually and can be custom fitted around the neck to ensure comfort. See through collars allows maximum visibility for the animals.

Product IDProduct DescriptionPack sizeForm
Coll001Veenak Clear Collars 7.5cm1Collars
Coll002Veenak Clear Collars 10cm1Collars
Coll003Veenak Clear Collars 12.5cm1Collars
Coll004Veenak Clear Collars 15cm1Collars
Coll005Veenak Clear Collars 20cm1Collars
Coll006Veenak Clear Collars 25cm1Collars
Coll007Veenak Clear Collars 30cm1Collars

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