Product Description

Sterile drapes are designed to be a super absorbent and strong enough to prevent tearing. The drapes are disposable and it helps reduce the risk of contamination. They are supplies ready to use, making the drapes convenient and safe to use.

Product IDProduct DescriptionPack sizeForm
9030045Rosse Sterile Drapes 30x45cm25Drapes
9045060Rosse Sterile Drapes 45x60cm25Drapes
9060090Rosse Sterile Drapes 60x90cm25Drapes
9090120Rosse Sterile Drapes 90x120cm25Drapes
9120120Rosse Sterile Drapes 120x120cm25Drapes
9120180Rosse Sterile Drapes 120x180cm25Drapes
9120250Rosse Sterile Drapes 120x250cm25Drapes

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