Product Description

Primapore is a self-securing dressing pad with adhesive all around the edges, allowing easy application and removal. It is economical as it requires no use of tape. Soft breathable cover which increases comfort for the patient.

Product IDProduct DescriptionPack sizeForm
1257Primapore 8.3cm x 6cm 50Dressing
1251Primapore 10cm x 8cm 20Dressing
1252Primapore 15cm x 8cm 20Dressing
1253Primapore 20cm x 10cm 20Dressing
1254Primapore 25cm x 10cm 20Dressing
1255Primapore 30cm x 10cm 20Dressing
1256Primapore 35cm x 10cm 20Dressing

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