Product Description

Melolin dressing can be used for the management of various different types of open wounds, including abrasions and minor burns. It is a low adherent which prevents the pad from sticking to the wound, minimizing pain when removal.

Product IDProduct DescriptionPack sizeForm
994Melolin Sterile 5cm x 5cm 1Dressing
Melo003Melolin Sterile 5cm x 5cm 100Dressing
Melo002Melolin Sterile 10cm x 20cm 1Dressing
993Melolin Sterile 10cm x 20cm 100Dressing
Melo001Melolin Sterile 10cm x 10cm 1Dressing
Melo001Melolin Sterile 10cm x 10cm 5Dressing
992Melolin Sterile 10cm x 10cm 100Dressing

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