Product Description

Advazorb is a comprehensive range of patient friendly, absorbent foam dressings presented in non-adhesive and atraumatic silicone adhesive format. The range is designed to overcome the complex challenges of managing exudate whilst protecting ‘at risk’ fragile skin, a combination of excellent fluid handling capabilities of Advazorb with a layer of atraumatic soft silicone adhesive.

Product IDProduct DescriptionPack sizeForm
CR4221Advazorb 5cm x 5cm10Dressing
CR4165Advazorb 7.5cm x 7.5cm10Dressing
CR4167Advazorb 12.5cm x 12.5cm10Dressing
CR4166 Advazorb 10cm x 10cm
CR4169Advazorb 10cm x 20cm10Dressing
CR4168Advazorb 15cm x 15cm10Dressing
CR4170Advazorb 20cm x 20cm10Dressing

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